In 1988 Franki Raffles submitted a proposal for a photographic residency which was funded by a grant from the Scottish Film Council. After considering a number of possible institutions, Franki chose to investigate and document the environment of a school, and spent two weeks photographing at Drummond High School in Edinburgh. In November 1989 Franki’s photographs were exhibited in Picturing Women,  a group exhibition at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh. This exhibition later toured to other venues. The images Franki created in Picturing Women sought to make visual the hierarchies of power that existed within the school. In her original proposal Franki described how these themes preoccupied her photographic practice: ‘My main area of interest lies in the field of women at work and their relationship to their work, other workers and the power structures that operate within the workplace.’ (Raffles, Picturing Women Education Pack, p65) The presentation of the final exhibition images in triptych format served to further emphasise these relationships.