Zero Tolerance was a charity established by Franki Raffles and Evelyn Gillan, together with a small group of women who came together through working on Edinburgh District Council Women’s Committee projects in the late 1980s. Zero Tolerance was developed as a groundbreaking campaign to raise awareness of the issue of men’s violence against women and children. The powerful constructed images for this campaign represented a totally new approach through the juxtaposition of stark facts with photographs of girls and women of all ages in familiar, ordinary domestic settings. The campaign was public photography on a large-scale. Launched by Edinburgh District Council in 1992 and publicised in partnership with Edinburgh Evening News the campaign had an immediate impact with commentators and the general public. It was taken up in 1994 by Strathclyde Region and other local authorities across the UK. It was the first time that mass media, social marketing techniques had been applied in a feminist campaign. The Zero Tolerance charity continues today with a programme of campaign work and educational support materials. Zero Tolerance website

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